Vertical Package Units

Also known in the industry as SCUD units, DMG has often utilized this technology when a chilled water system was not an option due to budget constraints. The system utilizes water stored in a cooling tower as a condenser instead of the hot Texas summertime air, providing the customer with an extremely efficient system.

DX Air-Cooled
Split Systems

Typically used for smaller buildings or rooms on a single floor, DX (direct expansion) systems use refrigerant in the coil of the air handling unit to provide cooling. While it isn’t always practical to extend refrigerant piping across long distances, these units do generate high cooling efficiency for the right kinds of applications.

DX Air-Cooled
Rooftop Systems

The most common application used today for commercial cooling and heating. These packaged systems combine both the air handler and the condenser into one unit. Units are available in both single-zone and variable air volume configurations.